About PASF and PPR 2030

Looking to Our Future: Pikes Peak Region 2030 is a strategic roadmap for achieving sustainability in the region by 2030. The roadmap was developed by a broad based collaborative effort representing volunteers, professionals and community leaders from nearly 100 organizations. The PPR2030, which was finalized in March 2012, provides a framework by which our local governments, institutions, businesses, and individuals can coordinate, collaborate, and find regional solutions to regional challenges.

The PPR2030 roadmap was initially administered by the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments under the name of “Pikes Peak Regional Sustainability Project” but is now referred to as “Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future” (PASF), a component fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. PASF will build upon the momentum and enthusiasm generated through the 2 + year process that resulted in PPR2030. The mission of PASF is to promote regional sustainability and advance the PPR2030 through regional collaboration and outreach.

The PPR 2030 and PASF addresses the following areas:

  • agriculture;
  • arts & culture; 
  • built & natural environment (including air and water quality);
  • economic development;
  • education;
  • energy;
  • health;
  • materials management;
  • transportation;and water quantity.

For a description of the stretch goals, click here.
For more information about what we want to achieve in the next three-years, click here for our business plan.