Our Mission and Goals

The PPR 2030 is meant to be a living document used to inspire and encourage community collaboration and engagement, sustainable development and prosperity, and the protection of our cultural and natural heritage. It is imperative that the vision of regional sustainability continues and the work of so many volunteers does not just “sit on a shelf”. Therefore the mission of the Peak Alliance for a Sustainable Future is to promote regional sustainability and advance the PPR2030 through regional collaboration and outreach. 
To achieve our mission, we work to:

  • Influence and educate policy makers and citizens
  • Ensure community awareness about PPR 2030 and other sustainability efforts in the region
  • Ensure accountability for commitments made by lead entities in PPR 2030
  • Gather conceptual buy-in and increased participation in the sustainability effort
  • Demonstrate sustainability practices through innovative ways such as video and radio projects
  • Develop networks with entities that have relevant interests
  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships
  • Secure funding for leadership and implementation of the PPR 2030

For more information about what we want to achieve in the next three-years, click here for our business plan. (LINK TO PDF OF BUSINESS PLAN